Their Rules are Irrelevant

Libertarian Rock protested the San Diego curfew in 1997 and distributed anti-curfew stickers that exempt the wearer. Stage Two was reporting on other activists — Libertarian Rockstars. Stage Three exposes a diabolical scam that provides the basis for the curfew, mandatory schooling, the drinking age and many other rules. Some smart people created a club and tricked other people into joining the club and thereby voluntarily accept the club’s rules. But if you don’t join the club, the rules don’t apply: no curfew, no mandatory schooling, no drinking age, and so on. Why protest a statute if it’s irrelevant? Continue

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Get out of mandatory schooling

This is going to be a startling post. You only have to go to school because your parents did three things and you can undo these actions. 


Scathing commentary that gov’t schools are monotonous factories

Wow. Wondering how dated and wrong your government/public school is? Well, watch this video, in which the speaker points out that schools stifle creativity and educate people based on their manufacture date (the day they were born), rather than by skill level.


Even the lunches…

Aside from being mandatory, government schools may have another similarity with prisons, the food. Students at one high school are fighting back. Related articles across the web CPS Students To Stage District-Wide School Lunch Boycott Thursday


Make “School” More Tolerable

Government “schools” are one of the most oppressive aspects of life in the United States. People under 16 are forced to attend a “school” and forced to learn information and even forced to do homeWORK, robbing people of their youth and young


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