School censors heterosexuals

A group of students at Rio Linda High School in California exercised their first amendment rights by wearing t-shirts that condemned another student effort to highlight the struggles of homosexuals. One protestor’s t-shirt said “Sodomy is a sin” and had passages from the bible, while other students wrote “gay pride” on their bodies. However, only students against homosexuality were suspended. It seems everyone is treated equally at the school but some are treated more equally than others. Homosexuals have free speech rights but religious activists are suppressed.

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Students use local TV news to overturn jelly bracelet ban

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(2004) Hello, I currently attend a public high school where the principal is trying to ban jelly bracelets. Other people like to call them “sex bracelets”. I and a lot of my other friends don’t follow the stupid “Snap” game, we just like to wear the bracelets because we like them and they express our individualty. Some of the teachers have been cutting the bracelets off peoples arms without warning them first. Read more

Student in skirt challenges dress code

Edward Shinkle, a student in Charlotte County, Virginia, recently challenged his high school’s gender-based dress code by wearing his mother’s skirt. The principal and assistant principal immediately forced him to go home and return with traditional male attire. Now Shinkle is fighting back by circulating a petition seeking support for him to wear a skirt and he has contacted the ACLU for a legal challenge.

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