Students challenge extra-curricular drug-testing

When Lindsay Earls and Daniel James made the decision to participate in a wide variety of extracurricular activities at Tecumseh High School, they intended to use the experience and class credits gained to increase their chances of attending competitive colleges. Instead, both students found themselves targets of suspicionless drug testing. Together they filed a federal lawsuit against the Tecumseh Public School District as well as the Board of Education claiming that the Student Activities Drug Testing Policy violates their Constitutional Fourth and Fourteenth Amendment rights. Read more

Arlington School Persecutes Drinkers

The personal lives of students in Arlington, Virginia are under attack. In July, the school board passed a new policy which prohibits any student who has been issued a ticket for possessing alcohol, who admitted to drinking or who has been seen drinking by a district employee — regardless of whether it is at a school-related event — to participate in extracurricular activities. Read more

Teens Pay For Government’s Smoking Propaganda

If you wouldn’t pay your parents to lecture you then you probably wouldn’t pay the government to tell you to stop smoking. At the moment Florida teens don’t have a choice because is using tobacco company profits to pay for a teen anti-smoking campaign. That means that every time a Florida teen buys a pack of cigarettes, part of the purchase cost pays for the government’s propaganda. Read more