UPDATED: Distracting, disruptive, non-traditional hair color leads to suspension threat

Dresden Middle School threatens 7th grader w/ suspension & juvenile court due to “non-traditional” hair color which they consider “distracting & disruptive”.

Principal Pam Harris pulled Talise Bryant away from other students on Friday Aug. 16, 2012 to inform her that if her black & pink hair was not in compliance w/ school policy on Monday that they would separate her from other students & not only suspend her but have her taken the to juvenile court & that because she is over the age of 10, no parent or guardian would be allowed to be w/ her & that she (Mr. Harris) highly suggested that Talise dye her hair over the weekend (no parent was called nor at the school at the time of this threat).

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Suspended for growing hair to help cancer patients

A charter high school suspended a student for his long hair that he wants to donate to cancer victims.  J.T. Gaskins survived leukemia as a child. He refused to brush his hair differently to mask the length. He’s missed five days of classes and the school sends his work home.

Beatles album cover late 60s with long hair Much of the focus has been on getting the school to compromise. A better outcome would be for the school to simply scrap a policy that echoes the early 1960s. I thought the Beatles showed that long hair is not a problem, and might even help with the creative process.

Some schools back in the 60s likely forced women to wear skirts and to keep their hair long. Women’s rights have progressed. Now we need freedom for everyone to dress and look as they choose.

J.T. Gaskins is a modern John Lennon. He’s standing firm to assert his right to express himself.

Hopefully other will start to grow their hair long. Or maybe everyone, both male and female students, could tie their hair back to look like a bunch of cut-outs.

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Prom cancelled to avoid lesbian couple

A local regimentation center (aka, “public school”) cancelled a prom to avoid letting a lesbian couple attend, with one female hoping to wear a tux. The ACLU threatened to sue the regimentation center. Two female students asked to attend after reading a memo that required one’s date to be of the opposite sex.

In every setback there is opportunity. The idea of having a party tied to a regimentation center could be a gone forever if students/inmates join together to host a private prom–free from their conservative neighbors who use the regimentation center to squash any type of unique behavior, including unconventional romantic interests.

A private prom would welcome individuality, not conformity. All would be welcome: individuals with any sexual interest, those who prefer casual clothes, students of any age. All these individuals could join together for one night to celebrate life, friendship, love, and the pending liberation of the oldest in attendance from the regimentation center.

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Court approves uniform protest with “Hitler Youth” buttons

uniform_button_protestTotalitarian, egalitarian, envious school bureaucrats love uniforms. They force everyone to be equal and suppress free expression. Two students, in the fifth and seventh grades, at schools in Bayonne, New Jersey, protested their schools’ new uniform policies by wearing buttons stating “no school uniforms” with a slash through them along with a photo of Hitler Youth boys wearing identical shirts and neckerchiefs. No swastikas appeared on the buttons. School admins threatened to suspend the students, so their parents sued. Referencing the famous Tinker arm band decision, a judge ruled the protest may continue because it did not disrupt the school. Read more

Gov school bans skinny jeans, home school doesn’t

An ultra-conservative, Texas government “school” does not allow the latest denim craze: skinny jeans. Administrators at a Kimbrough Middle School in Mesquite gave Seth Chamlee a choice: change into some pants provided by the school or go home. He went home and he’s going to stay there. His mom said, ““We’re going to home schooling. He can learn more without the distraction of what to wear. To not be getting your education because of pants … I don’t want him to learn that.” Read more