Make & Wear Anti-Curfew Stickers as a First Amendment Activity

Image of Repeal the Curfew stickerMany curfew laws allow a first amendment exception that allows people to be out past curfew if they are engaged in any activity listed in the first amendment. This page has directions on how to make stickers that say “Repeal the Curfew” and other messages. Wearing a sticker is engaging in free speech. I made and distributed these stickers around the time of the San Diego curfew protests back in 1997 (20 years ago!). Read more

Teen’s anti-curfew Letter to the Editor appears prominently

A teenager’s anti-curfew letter appeared prominently on the editorial page of a the main newspaper of a county considering a teen curfew. The letter’s title was “A teen’s view on the curfew” and the writer urged politicians to consider alternatives, such as more policing, instead of confining all teenagers to their homes. The letter added that most crime involving teenagers occurs in the afternoon.

Politicians in Montgomery county, Maryland, plan a vote on a teen curfew soon. A fight between youth gangs gave curfew proponents an opportunity to push their law.

Letters do have an impact. Like comments online, other people read them. Letters are an easy way to publish your comments in the paper without having to get a job at a newspaper, though that would be better. Your letter sits right next to valued commentary from the newspaper editors.

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Left school at 15, dropped in-to life, now billionaire

Business Man of the YearGovernment schooling is not the only road to success. Plenty of people go to non-government schools (aka private schools). Some home school themselves. A few “unschool” via DIY (do-it-yourself) project-based education. The lucky few? They drop in. They drop out of school, and drop in-to working life.

Richard Elman, featured on the cover of Forbes magazine quit left school at age 15 and has earned $2.2 billion through his thriving commodities trading firm.

Elman grew up in Brighton and quit school at 15. His father, a barrister, found him work “as a coolie in a scrap yard,” Elman says. He worked his way up, and within a few years the steel scrap business had taken him to San Francisco, then to Tokyo, then to Thailand and India. Later he became Asian regional director for the renowned commodities trader Philipp Brothers.

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Prom cancelled to avoid lesbian couple

A local regimentation center (aka, “public school”) cancelled a prom to avoid letting a lesbian couple attend, with one female hoping to wear a tux. The ACLU threatened to sue the regimentation center. Two female students asked to attend after reading a memo that required one’s date to be of the opposite sex.

In every setback there is opportunity. The idea of having a party tied to a regimentation center could be a gone forever if students/inmates join together to host a private prom–free from their conservative neighbors who use the regimentation center to squash any type of unique behavior, including unconventional romantic interests.

A private prom would welcome individuality, not conformity. All would be welcome: individuals with any sexual interest, those who prefer casual clothes, students of any age. All these individuals could join together for one night to celebrate life, friendship, love, and the pending liberation of the oldest in attendance from the regimentation center.

See related article on Huffington Post.

Parents sue school for viewing son with webcam

A government school in Pennsylvania used cameras and microphones on laptops issued to students to locate missing laptops and, oh by the way, to also monitor students. Yes, the “telescreen” devices from the book 1984 have arrived in 2010. Parents of a monitored student have sued the school after receiving a photo of their son engaging in what the school considered to be inappropriate behavior. Read more

Suspended for Facebook page, student can sue

Facebook page

A federal judge ruled a former high school student suspended for creating a Facebook page that criticized her English teacher can sue the high school principal who suspended her. The page entitled “Ms. Sarah Phelps is the worst teacher I’ve ever had” attracted current and former students, some of whom criticized the teacher and others who offered support. The student, Katherine Evans, took down the page after a few days. Two months later, the principal suspended her for creating the page. Represented by the ACLU, the student, now in a second year college student, wants the suspension expunged from her record, payment for legal fees, and a nominal award. See news coverage and legal info.

Court approves uniform protest with “Hitler Youth” buttons

uniform_button_protestTotalitarian, egalitarian, envious school bureaucrats love uniforms. They force everyone to be equal and suppress free expression. Two students, in the fifth and seventh grades, at schools in Bayonne, New Jersey, protested their schools’ new uniform policies by wearing buttons stating “no school uniforms” with a slash through them along with a photo of Hitler Youth boys wearing identical shirts and neckerchiefs. No swastikas appeared on the buttons. School admins threatened to suspend the students, so their parents sued. Referencing the famous Tinker arm band decision, a judge ruled the protest may continue because it did not disrupt the school. Read more

10 rules for dealing with the police

flextrafficstopDid you know that if the police ask you to step out of your car, you should close and lock the door after you exit? Same goes for your home, step outside and speak to the police outside your home. A video from Flex Your Rights illustrates this advice and more. For an encounter, the video shows how you should not act, then shows how you should act. If the former, the subject goes to jail. In the latter, he or she proceeds. Read more