Supreme Court to review strip search of student

UPDATE: Supreme Court rules strip search unconstitutional, saying that only when student safety is at risk may school officials strip search students. The search of her backpack and outer clothes was permissible, not searching her underwear! The ruling was 8 to 1. School officials are not personally liable, unfortunately, and the lower courts will determine if the school system can be sued.  Read more at Huffington Post.

ORIGINAL POST: USA Today reported the Supreme Court reviewed a case involving the strip search of a high school student. Savana Redding says she thinks about the strip search every day. Back in 2003, a school administrator pulled her out of class, searched her backpack and then ordered an administrative aide and school nurse to strip search her. They were looking for prescription-strength Ibuprofen. Another student had been caught with the medication and said Savana had provided the pills.

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Strip-searched students receive $5,000 each

A Greene County, Virginia High School settled a law-suit over a mass strip-search by paying $5,000 to each of the 28 students named in the suit. The original strip-search occurred in May 1997 when a student reported $100 missing from his wallet. To try to recover the money, the school forced about 50 students from three gym classes to strip down to their underwear and then searched their clothes. The money was never found.

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Students Stripped to Find Stolen CDs

(3/3/98) Think the government wants to protect your rights? Think again. In January, as many as 30 teenagers were forced to strip down to their undergarments by government school teachers, who were searching for stolen CDs, money and makeup. The teenagers were given two choices – they could strip themselves or the teachers would strip them. The parents of the teenage girls have threatened to sue the school for what they believe was an improper strip search.