Letter to the Editor of 48 Hours (CBS)

48 Hours is a weekly news magazine on the CBS Television Network. The following is a letter to 48 Hours, regarding a recent broadcast on “troubled” teens, by Alice Lillie, a Libertarian Party activist in Las Vegas.

“Thank you for Thursday’s episode. [October, 1998] I found it very, very biased in favor of the mistreatment of underaged persons, who are anywhere from second class citizens to downright chattel, and out of the hour only about 5 minutes were given to the anti-mistreatment side.

I would like you to do an episode on those who are on the youths’ side. I have copied this to youth rights organizations that I know of. Since you reported (and I do appreciate it) that these “schools” dole out psychiatric medications at the drop of a hat, I have also copied it to psychiatric freedom organizations.

I am not going to make this long. All I want to say is that:

1. Everyone has rights. And that includes the young. These youths never broke any law (at least no Constitutional laws). They have the ‘right’ to be free unless a ‘jury’ has found them guilty of a crime.

2. The parents are spoiled rotten baby boomers. As for the generation of baby boomers, the operative word is “baby.” We boomers are whiney and immature, and we want what we want when we want it. These parents who have their teenagers locked up are looking for a vacation for themselves. I am no better, but at least I was forward looking enough to not have children.

3. The solution? To make first class citizens out of younger people. To include them under the Bill of Rights, by repealing laws that exclude them from the Bill of Rights. Also, to make them take responsibility for their own actions. This can be done by lowering the age of majority and/or (preferably “and”) make emancipation easier. We do not need to regulate the schools if the teens were allowed to use their God-given right to walk away. The snakepit schools would have to close for lack of funds.

4. An additional solution? Raising children would be a lot easier on parents if the size and scope of government were greatly decreased, so that so much of parents’ productivity did not have to go into taxes. Maybe one parent would be able to stay home again. If parents had ‘time’ for their little kids, things would be a lot different when these little kids grow up to be young adults.

Thank you. Please do consider giving this other side an airing.”

Alice Lillie

Alice is currently studying Austrian school (free market) Economics at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas, and offers a libertarian e-mail zine, which is yours for the asking.

Stop your abduction

When you go to sleep tonight, you may not have to set your alarm because two big guys are going to wake you up, force you into their car, and then drive you to a teen concentration camp. You can prevent your abduction or possibly ensure you’re ultimate escape by visiting the website of Teen Aid, an organization that protects the civil and human rights of teens.

Teen concentration camps are businesses that market themselves as rehabilitation facilities but unlike traditional facilities, these camps use physical abuse, isolation, and many other violent methods to change the behavior of teens. Often the government fails to monitor these camps due to laziness and because many politicians, who routinely steal the rights of teens, support the physical methods of the camps.

In response to the U.S. government’s failure to shut down these camps, Alexia Parks started Teen Aid to help teens avoid abduction, inform parents about what actually goes on at the camps, and to lobby for laws that will outlaw the camps and imprison parents who consent to the kidnapping of their children.

Visit Teen Aid’s website to learn how to avoid abduction. Alexia first suggests that you cry “rape,” if you are forced to go to one of the camps. You may also want to file emancipation papers and notify the police. Even though the police may arrest you for smoking and drinking, they are required to stop kidnappings.

Teen Aid’s website has many provocative letters from teens who were forced to stay at the camps and even letters from parents who now regret that they actually paid for their children to be turned into zombies.

On the site, Alexia talks about winning the war against these camps. As we have said before, on election day, make the voting booth your battle ground, the polling lever your sword, and the Libertarian Party your Cavalry. Libertarian politicians will help us win the war by abolishing the camps and imprisoning parents who knowingly send their children to any institution that violates human rights. These camps only exist because politicians allow them to exist.

Commentary – The Camps

Many parents, if you can call them that, are now sending their rebellious teenagers to behavior modification camps, like Tranquility Bay. These camps, unlike many beneficial rehab and therapy facilities, force teenagers to stay against their will, torture them, and are often located in a foreign country. Parents often hire escort services to kidnap their children in the middle of the night, handcuff them, and deliver them to the camps.

In many cases, if you are over the age of 14, you can refuse to go. So, lock your door before you go to sleep and fight back if thugs come to take you away. Anything is better than having the life sucked out of you at some fascist teen camp.

At Libertarian Rock, we refer to these places as “concentration camps.” We know that it is only a matter of time, before teenagers are imprisoned for curfew or smoking violations and then sent off to these behavior modification camps. The Jews in Nazi Germany underestimated the intolerance of the Nazis. Don’t make the same mistake.

Personal Story: James

My name is james and i just recently read the article by an anomonous author about casa by the sea in ensenada, i read the article because i also spent time there…a year of my life wasted at that money scam. I was forced to go, and not only that but forced to spend over $30,000 of my own money to pay for my own imprisonment. Everything that article said was true, but i don’t think the author really covered the mental trauma that place causes completely. Read more

Casa Story: I am afraid I am going to be beat

My name is Sean and I also went to Casa by the Sea. The most terrible experience of my life. It is definately not the right place to send kids. People who dont know how to take care of there kids send them away. I lived at casa by the sea for 18 months 536 days. I was abused by Arturo, Alejando(alex) and the worst I have ever had in my enter life was Gustavo. It did not change my behavior it scared me. Read more

Living in a lock down facility

I lived at Casa By the Sea for 29 months. I did not reach levels easily your progress was left in the hands of a bunch of emotionally disabled girls. We all lived in families , I was in the Glory family then the Esteem Family. My family rep read my mail and did not notify me of when I was permitted to go to the doctor or not. So when we did have an ailment it took weeks to get an appointment. Read more

The Sadness of Casa by the Sea

To often at night do I lay in bed with my eyes open not wanting to close them. Why you ask. Let me explain, or at least try. One day I told my mom that I wanted to find myself. I wanted to get away and meet different people. We found a cheap boarding school (I thought) online that would take someone my age. I knew it was for troubled teens, but didn’t realize that they were who made you troubled. I didn’t want my mom to have to spend to much money on me, so I decided that I wanted to go there. I thought Ensenada, Mexico would be a wonderful place to stay for a while, and I figured it couldn’t be all that bad. I thought it was a place to better help my self-esteem. I came to find out that I was wrong. Read more

Punished for the slightest human action

I was at Casa by the Sea from November 2000 to August 2000 and I wanted to respond to the author of Living in a Lockdown Facility. I think I might know the author. I was there at the same time and have nightmares of the place as well having been there over 10 months. I was put there for many reasons and taken out only because my family could no longer afford to keep me there. If they could have they would have kept me there. It was horrible. Read more

Horror at Casa by the Sea

The Author would like to remain anonymous.

I am a survivor of a WWASP facility (AKA. big league money-grubbing concentration camp). I spent 22 months at Casa by the Sea, just outside Ensenada, Mexico. I was enrolled against my will/knowledge. If I come some up the entire experience in one word, I would say abuse. The children enrolled in that program were abused physically, emotionally, and mentally. We were not allowed to speak English, intimidated by employees, without contact from family or friends for months, refused access to say the truth about what was going on, denied a decent education, and raped of our dignity. Read more