Documentary about Curfew Protests

Our group of people, of all ages, protested the San Diego curfew back in 1997. Here is a documentary about the protests and our tactics. I still support using the first amendment as a defense against the curfew. Meaning, you would state you are engaged in free speech by wearing a sticker, or peaceably assembling, or writing a story as a journalist and claiming the freedom of the press. However, we now feel it’s better to challenge the jurisdiction of the police, the city government, and the courts (actually banks). This is complex but much more powerful and will help in many other areas of life. Note this is not legal advice. Just details about what I might do. Notice that you are responsible for your actions. More details are here.

Make & Wear Anti-Curfew Stickers as a First Amendment Activity

Image of Repeal the Curfew stickerMany curfew laws allow a first amendment exception that allows people to be out past curfew if they are engaged in any activity listed in the first amendment. This page has directions on how to make stickers that say “Repeal the Curfew” and other messages. Wearing a sticker is engaging in free speech. I made and distributed these stickers around the time of the San Diego curfew protests back in 1997 (20 years ago!). Read more

Curfew Protest in the Gas Lamp

San Diego, CA — The Campaign to Repeal the Curfew held a protest march in the Gas Lamp District last Saturday night. More than 70 anti-curfew protesters marched through the popular night spot chanting slogans such as, “This is America, where’s our freedom?” The chanting and the sheer size of the march, which stretched for more than one city block, combined to make a powerful political statement.

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