Scottish teenagers to vote in independence referendum

Scottish Flag with checkboxScottish 16-year-olds and 17-year-olds can vote in the upcoming referendum on Scotland disbanding from the United Kingdom. The Scottish nationalist leader, Alex Salmond, secured this option, believing 16 and 17-year-olds favor independence. Reuters news reports England considered this a large concession. There were other compromises as well, such as England demanding a single yes/no vote rather than a second question about partial independence, requested by Scotland leaders. Read more

10 rules for dealing with the police

flextrafficstopDid you know that if the police ask you to step out of your car, you should close and lock the door after you exit? Same goes for your home, step outside and speak to the police outside your home. A video from Flex Your Rights illustrates this advice and more. For an encounter, the video shows how you should not act, then shows how you should act. If the former, the subject goes to jail. In the latter, he or she proceeds. Read more

Powerful quote by Ralph Nader

“We have the most prolonged adolescence in the history of mankind. There is no other society that requires so many years to pass before people are grown up … Adolescence is nurtured and prolonged by educational processes and by industry that has found a bonanza in embracing the adolescent population and fortifying ‘adolescent values.’ This prolongation of adolescence robs the country of the population group having the most risk takers, and the highest ideals.”

– Ralph Nader, Speech at Harvard Law School

If someone can find the entire speech, please send us a link.

Judge halts sports suspensions related to party

A judge temporarily halted the suspension of a student track team member who was accused of attending a party where beer was available to teenagers. The judge wrote that attending a party where alcohol was present did not constitute underage possession. The judge added that the student, Mary McAvoy was likely to win after a full hearing of the case. Read more

Recite the Declaration of Independence instead of the Pledge

The Pledge of Allegiance court case is a blessing in disguise, by providing a temporary delay. It allows the fight to widen against the entire Pledge, not just two words. As a libertarian and a lawyer, too, I am spearheading the next court case as a pro bono service to the public to liberate Americans from government pushing the totalitarian Pledge. Read more